Memorial Day Weekend 2015 Fishing Pine Creek in the North Hills of Pittsburgh

Caught and released a "hoggish" carp while fishing Pine Creek in the North Hills of Pittsburgh during Memorial Day Weekend 2015.  Great morning scenery as well.

Kozelnik Creekside / FishNorthHills Catch Makes 2015 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Trout Photo Contest

Kozelnik Creekside / FishNorthHills trout catch from Saturday morning 5/9 makes the 2015 Post-Gazette Trout Photo Contest! Visit the contest site here.

Sunrise Trout on Pine Creek at North Park, Pittsburgh, PA

Early action on Pine Creek on Wildwood road Near North Park on Saturday morning 5/9.  Caught and released two Rainbow trout and one Brown trout.  Floated night-crawlers into log jams and a deep pool to produce the trout.  Caught a few pesky bluegills as well.  Some U-Boat sized carp patrolling the creek.

Remember to pack out your trash and if you see any other stray garbage on the creekside be a good steward and take it with you.  Good luck and happy fishing!

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